I don’t know about you, but I find I am easily distracted. It could be that having three kids (Sebastian, Atticus and Ophelia) just means I am always being interrupted whether it be while eating, sleeping or even trying to go to the loo. Or maybe I have spent too much time with young children in the past five years that I have assimilated their short attention span and am no longer able to conduct a proper adult discussion without reverting to a child-like manner of reasoning.

Simon has been suggesting I start a blog for at least a couple of years and it has been on my to do list, but has never quite made its way to the top until now. I have now finally got around to it and I am beyond excited to welcome you to Just Add Patience. Those of you who know me well, will be well acquainted with my patience levels: they are not great. Patience is a quality that I am always striving to master and acquire. Some days I have oodles of it and will bestow it upon all of the children and Simon (I know generous right?!). Other days it completely deserts me and I feel like it is an ingredient that I was convinced I had in the pantry, but it turns out I finished the previous day or it is far too past its sell by date to actually work.

I really hope that you enjoy my ramblings about trying to teach my little people how to cook and nurture their developing personalities with as much patience as I can muster!

Please note: while trying to write this post, I drafted a recipe for a toffee popcorn cheesecake as that seemed like an easier task than introducing myself. That post will follow once I have managed to test the recipe with my little mischief makers…

Happy reading.

Love Kat x